United Way works for a healthier America

Whether it is a neighbor without health insurance, a victim of a house fire or natural disaster, or someone struggling with mental illness, United Ways are working to ensure everyone has access to affordable and quality care. 

Our Challenge

Oklahoma is ranked 43rd in the nation in health, nearly last place. Thirty-two percent of adults are obese and 23 percent smoke. Oklahoma ranks 48th in cardiovascular health, 43rd in cancer deaths and 44th in infant mortality.*

Contributing to the challenge is the lack of health insurance. It is estimated that 18.9 percent of Washington County and 22 percent of Nowata County lack health insurance.* The lack of health insurance correlates with the lack of preventative and acute health care, leading to more significant health problems and contributing to Oklahoma's high premature death rate. The rate of uninsured continues to rise in our area.

Mental health is also a challenge in Washington County. The suicide rate in the BRUW service area is 15.8 people per 100,000, higher than the national average of 11. Oklahoma ranks 48th in poor mental health days, with 50 being the worst. Domestic violence and addiction also harm Oklahoman's mental and physical health. In Oklahoma, 49 percent of women and 40 percent of men have experienced domestic violence at some point.*

Our Strategy

  • Promote physical health by providing affordable access to a doctor through Family Healthcare Clinic.

  • Provide services that promote mental health through funding counseling programs.

  • Help the working poor maintain health by providing healthy food.

  • Promote physical fitness by funding classes for seniors and paying fees for low-income children to participate in football and cheerleading at the YMCA.

  • Intervene in times of crisis, such as a tornado or flood, to help victims of disasters.

Our Partners

Agape Mission, American Red Cross, Elder Care, Family Healthcare Clinic, Samaritan Counseling and Growth Center, Richard Kane YMCA

Source: The 2015 Community Profile commissioned by the Bartlesville Regional United Way. View the full report here.

Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Oklahoma Uninsured by County 2013