The Hero in U

Are you anyone's hero?

You can be!

United Way donors and volunteers are heroes in the community. They provide the needed boost to allow lives to change. Without your support, our community would be in tough shape!

By partnering with United Way, you can make be a hero to thousands in the community who are in need of help.

How have our heroes made a difference?

A hero helps the sick.
2,411 doctors appointments were provided to low-income individuals.
A hero helps kids make smart choices.

Over 3,000 children participated in leadership training and character education.

A hero gives warm clothes to those in need.

121,582 garments and 9,401 pairs of shoes were given to those in need.

A hero provides a listening ear to those going through tough times.

Over 600 hours of counseling were provided.

Heroes unite the community. A hero cares. Be a hero today!