United Way Helps Americans Achieve Financial Stability

United Way strives to increase the number of families who are financially stable. The five keys to financial stability identified in a national study by United Way Worldwide are family-sustaining income, affordable housing, income supports, manageable expenses and savings and assets.

Our Challenge

Many Washington County families struggle to make ends meet. A family of three in Washington County needs to make $32,527 ($15.40 an hour) to be self-sufficient (meeting needs such as food, clothing and shelter while not receiving any government or private assistance), according to a recent study. Thirty-four percent of the families in Washington County made less than the self-sufficiency wage.*

One indicator of the financial health of families is the number of children in the school system who are eligible for free and reduced lunches, meaning their family makes less than 185% of the poverty line. In Washington County, 52.8 percent of the children were eligible for free and reduced lunches.*

Our Strategy

  • Help affected people move from poverty to prosperity by providing them with mentors and support and a plan to acheive financial stability

  • Help the working poor maintain health by providing healthy food and clothing to allow families to spend the money they make on other living expenses.

  • Help teens learn the skills needed to succeed in employment through Work Ethics Pro$per, a program at Westside Community Center that is tackling generational poverty.

  • Help families maximize their income through FamilyWize, which provides assistance paying for prescription drugs, and My Free Taxes, which allows low-income families to file their taxes for free.

Our Partners

Partner Agencies: Westside Community Center, Mary Martha Outreach, Salvation Army

Initiative: Building Bridges of Oklahoma

National Partners: FamilyWize,

*Source: The 2015 Community Profile commissioned by the Bartlesville Regional United Way. View the full report here.

United Way Worldwide's Study on Income here