Measurable Results


What is a hero?

A hero gives hope. A hero helps a kid learn to read. A hero provides a meal to someone who is hungry. A hero helps others build a successful life. Heroes unite the community. A hero cares.

By partnering with United Way, you can make be a hero to thousands in the community who are in need of help.

Thanks to your help, last year we:

  • Provided 1,203 patients with access to low-cost medical care.

  • Nurtured 1,269 children by funding five summer and after school programs through partner agencies and three after-school programs through Venture Grants.

  • Strengthened leadership and character in 1,810 youth through scouting.

  • Fostered health by providing 42,634 meals and 1,509,131 lbs. of food to the hungry.

  • Intervened in 577 situations of domestic violence when the victim asked for help.

  • Promoted health by funding fitness classes for 405 seniors.

  • Provided 149,645 pieces of clothing and 11,358 pairs of shoes to families in need.

  • Promoted stability by providing emergency assistance to 133 clients after a house fire.

  • Encouraged mental health by funding 376 sessions of counseling.