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Become a Pacesetter

What is a Pacesetter? 

The Pacesetter program is testament to a higher commitment to invest in the future of our community.  The money we raise stays in the community to fund programs that nurture children and youth; strengthen families; develop individual well-being and self-sufficiency; foster health and wellness; promote lifelong independence for seniors and persons with disabilities; rebuild lives in times of emergency or disaster; and enhance essential community resources. 
We urge you to consider joining hundreds of Pacesetters by giving a higher level of commitment in investing in our community.  If you already are a Pacesetter, thank you for your continued support.

Pacesetter Levels

The Pacesetter Leadership Program represents a higher level of commitment to investing in our community.  Pacesetters lead the way by exemplifying giving at a deeper, more involved level, proving the desire to do more.  There are five categories of giving:

Builders of the Community

 Level I $500-$999
Level II $1,000-$1,199
Level III $1,200-$1,399
Level IV $1,400-$1,599

Foundations of the Community 


Cornerstones of the Community 


Pillars of the Community


Alexis de Tocqueville

$10,000 & above 
Pacesetters truly are the core of our annual giving program and are vital to our continued success, as they represent a significant amount of the total funds raised each year.  We are appreciative of these partners in caring who genereously support our community.