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Initiatives differ from partner agencies in that they operate completely under the authority of BRUW and receive most of their funding from BRUW.


Building Bridges of Oklahoma

Building Bridges of Oklahoma is a United Way initiative devoted to helping affected people of Bartlesville move from poverty to prosperity to philanthropy.

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CityServe’s mission is to engage volunteers in the Bartlesville area by providing opportunities to serve at and connect with local non-profit organizations. The CityServe Advisory Committee does all the planning and preparation, allowing volunteers to just show up and sign-up for a project. United Way is proud to promote volunteerism in the Bartlesville area.

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Women's Leadership Council

The members are dedicated to educating women about needs in the community, engaging them in finding a solution for those needs, and empowering them to make a difference. Their mission is putting resources into the hands of students, families, and high needs schools to improve literacy by third grade.

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