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Submit Day of Caring Projects

The Day of Caring process is ready to commence! All project submissions will be done through the BRUW Portal. Non Profit Agencies, Schools and Organizations with a 501(c)3 status are eligible to submit projects. A project submission does not guarantee that the project will be selected. All materials and funding for projects must be provided by the agency. You may be eligible for COP or P66 volunteer grants (please check with us for eligibility requirements)


1. Open this link in a new tab.

2. Log into the BRUW Portal using the User Name: DOC Agency and Password: doc

3. You will see a Day of Caring Bulletin with instructions

4. Click on “Step # 1” and fill out the basic Agency and Contact Information

5. Then Click “Save” (This is the only time you have to do this for your agency)

6. This will take you to the Day of Caring Agency Intake Page (You should see your agency name at the top left)

7. At the “Create New” Drop Down menu click “BRUW Day of Caring Project Form”

8. Fill out the Top Section, “BRUW Day of Caring Project”

9. Hit Save

10. Repeat for as many as necessary

11. To return to add or adjust projects: Log back into the Portal, Click “Step #2: Returning Agencies”

12. This will take you to a “Search” Screen

13. Type your agency name into the box at the top and hit “search”

14. Click on the Yellow Folder by your name and add new projects or click on old ones to edit

Submissions are due by July 31

The call for volunteers to select projects will not happen until August. An email will be sent to the agency contact when one of your projects has been selected. It will contain information about the Lead Volunteer who selected your project.

Day of Caring is September 23. However, the project does not have to occur on the day.

COP and P66 volunteer grants will be similar to last year, for every 40 man hours, there is $1000 grant. This is up to the limit that each agency is allotted for volunteer grants.

Some businesses who participate will have different guidelines. If anyone selects a project that is not from COP or P66, we will work out those details. If you have any questions or problems let me know by email: If you know of other organizations, schools or agencies who would like Day of Caring projects done, encourage them to submit them!