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United Way announces new partner agency

The Bartlesville Regional United Way announced that the Board of Directors has taken on the Boys & Girls Club of Nowata as a new partner agency.

"We are very proud to become a United Way agency and are excited about the opportunity it provides for the children of Nowata,” said Pam Stagner, president of the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Nowata. “Bartlesville Regional United Way's funding for our Student Tutoring Knowledge Retention Program will allow us to continue to help children with their school work during the year, and help keep what they have learned through the summer months. The funding we will receive allows us to provide more services to more of our children in Nowata."

Nowata is part of the region served by the Bartlesville Regional United Way, but this is the first partner agency located in Nowata.

“We are excited to expand our reach further into the Nowata area with a partner agency working on the ground to help Nowata children,” BRUW CEO and Executive Director Jody Burch said. “Other partner agencies provide services to Nowata residents, but they have to drive to Bartlesville to take advantage of them. We look forward to having a greater impact in Nowata.”

The Boys & Girls Club of Nowata received funding for their Student Tutoring Knowledge Retention program, which has received a Venture Grant from the United Way for the past two years. More than 80 students in second-eighth grades benefit from the program that focuses on core curriculum, including math, reading and science.

“During our second year of programming, we accomplished a 100 percent rate of students who achieved grade progression and a 40 percent increase in students achieving A's and B's on progression and grade reports,” said Treasure Standeford, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Nowata. “We are very proud of our program and plan to accomplish much more in the future!"

The Bartlesville Regional United Way is committed to ensuring that donor contributions are invested in high-quality nonprofit organizations.  Each potential new program goes through the Venture Grant process where a committee of community members evaluates all applications from area nonprofits and choses recipients who make an impact in United Way’s priority areas of education, income and health.

Programs have the potential to receive Venture Grant funding for two years. After a successful venture, the United Way Board of Directors can choose to invite an agency to apply for allocation funding for that program and potentially to be a partner agency. They then go through the Community Investment process, where a committee of volunteers looks at their financial information, program results and tours their facility. These volunteers then make a recommendation on whether a particular program receives funding. Each United Way program goes through the Community Investment process each year.

“This process ensures that only the highest-quality programs and agencies are eligible for partner agency status,” BRUW CEO and Executive Director Jody Burch said. “We work hard to ensure our donors’ money makes a real impact in the Bartlesville Region.”