Martha’s Task: Sit Up Straight!

When: Wed, September 27, 2023 12:00 am – Wed, December 13, 2023 12:00 am Where: Martha's Task, 718 S JOHNSTONE AVE, BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma 74003-4632 Contact: Laura Walton Contact Email: Contact Phone: (918) 336-8275 Open Team Spots: Closed

Martha’s Task has a plethora of craft supplies for our emergency assistance classes that are in disarray.
Some are items we purchased for specific projects, others are supplies donated to us by supporters who were cleaning out their crafting closets.
Because we are often super busy and supplies are continually donated to us, we have many items that are placed a bit haphazardly in the area without rhyme or reason. We need some brave, organization-minded souls to help us bring order out of chaos.

Number of Hours: 4

Tools/Equipment that will be used during this project: Plastic bins and shelves

Start Date: 09/27/2023
End Date: 12/13/2023

Preferred method of contact: Email

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We're sorry, but we're no longer accepting new volunteers for this opportunity.