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From hello to help. We’re here for you.

United Way 211 is a free, confidential service that can connect you to a wide range of resources and services across Oklahoma (not just United Way funded partners). We don’t just “patch you through” to agencies. We dig deep to understand what’s happening and connect you with the resources that best meet those needs, not just the one that prompted your call or text.

Dial 2‑1‑1 to talk with a trained call specialist.

Calls answered 24/7.

Free, statewide

Translation services available.



Icon of a graduation hat for help with employment and education
Employment & Education

Icon of a tooth and heart for help with health and dental careHealth & Dental Care

Icon of a shopping cart filled with groceries for help with food
Icon of a house for help with housing and shelter
Housing & Shelter
Icon of an elderly person walking with a cane for help with senior and disability needs
Senior & Disability Care
Icon of a family for help in other categories.
And More