BRUW board member, Pam Crawford, becomes new Rotary District Governor Nominee Designate

Pam joined Bartlesville Daybreak Rotary in 2015 at the urging of her husband, Paul, who had joined in 2010. When they attended their first International Convention in Atlanta in 2017, she became a total convert to Rotary. To be part of an international organization doing so much good in the world, she was hooked.

She notes, “I want to tell people what we are doing about polio eradication and how we support youth. I’m thrilled that the environment is a new theme. I love to talk about Bartlesville Daybreak’s two major service projects. I want to learn about and help all the clubs in District 6110 to be the most they can be in their community and the world.” To that end, she will be an Assistant Governor in 2021-2022 helping several nearby clubs.

Pam retired from Phillips 66’s IT department and brings her project management skills to Rotary. Her MBA from Tulsa will help her attain her goals as Governor.

She has “grown” a green thumb in the last 15 years (even added a glass room on the back of her house for wintering plants!). The redbud in her front yard was grown from a twig she got from the Arbor Day Foundation in 2009. She keeps trying to make Poinsettias give her red leaves. Her next green adventure: “I want to grow a crop of Okra…I’ve had limited success so far…watch out 2021! (And I drive a hybrid car and am studying electric cars, and my husband and I are avid recyclers!)”
Congratulations to Pam, we look forward to your leadership!

WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT? Rotary District Governors are selected by the “Council of Governors” – the people who have been DGs before. Dr. Jay Craig is DG until June 30, 2021. Next line is the DGE, Kevin Merrill who becomes DG July 1 for the 2021-2022 year. Then the current DGN, Dr. George Knox takes the DG reins for 2022-2023. Now, we have the DGND, Pam Crawford who is DG in 2023-2034.